Frequently Asked Questions

Can TripAdd help me with changes to my flight booking?

At TripAdd, we are focused on providing products and services that enhance your overall travel experience. However, we do not sell flight tickets or manage flight bookings directly. Therefore, we are unable to assist with changes, cancellations, or refunds for your flight bookings.

I need to modify my flight. What should I do?

For any flight modifications, cancellations, or refund requests, you will need to contact the online travel agency (OTA) or airline from which you purchased your flights. They have direct access to your booking details and can provide the specific assistance you need.

Why can't TripAdd assist with flight-related inquiries?

Since we do not handle the sale of flight tickets or manage flight bookings, we don't have access to your flight information or the ability to modify your bookings. Our focus is on providing quality products and services around other aspects of your travel.

How do I find contact information for the airline or travel agency I booked with?

Typically, the contact information for the airline or online travel agency (OTA) can be found in your booking confirmation email. You can also visit the official website of the airline or OTA for customer service contact details.

How can I update my contact details for a booking?

To update your contact details, such as your name, phone number, or email address associated with a booking, please reach out directly to the online travel agency (OTA) or airline with which you made the booking. They have the access needed to make these updates on your behalf.

I haven't received my flight booking confirmation. What should I do?

If you haven't received a flight booking confirmation, contacting the online travel agency or airline where you made your booking is the best first step. They can verify your booking details and resend the confirmation to your email.

How can I request an invoice for my booking?

For invoice requests related to your booking, please contact the online travel agency or airline directly. They can provide detailed invoices for your travel purchases.

Why do I need to contact the travel agency or airline for updates and requests?

The travel agency or airline manages your booking details directly, making them the most efficient source for updates, confirmations, and invoice requests. They have immediate access to your booking information and can assist with any changes or queries you have. TripAdd can only provide information for the products or services sourced by TripAdd.

Can TripAdd assist me with contacting the travel agency or airline?

While TripAdd can't make contact on your behalf or change your booking details, we're happy to provide guidance on how to reach out to OTAs or airlines. Check your booking confirmation email for contact details, or visit the OTA's or airline's official website for customer support information.

What should I do if I encounter issues claiming or activating a product or service?

If you're experiencing difficulties with claiming or activating a product or service you've purchased, we're here to help ensure a smooth resolution. Please follow these steps:

1. Review the Instructions 

Sometimes, specific activation steps need to be followed. Review any provided instructions in the order confirmation email to ensure the process is completed correctly.

For example, you might have to visit a website page and enter the provided coupon code to activate the service. Or there might be a link that will open the voucher for the services purchased.

2. Visit the Support Portal

The order confirmation email must contain a link to the TripAdd Support Portal. The page will have the FAQ information for all the products you purchased. Please review the information and see if you can resolve the issue you encountered.

3. Contact Us

If you still encounter issues or if any part of the process is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. Provide them with your booking reference number and a brief description of the issue. You can reach us via email at If possible, please also attach screenshots highlighting the issue.

Our dedicated team is committed to resolving your issue promptly and will guide you through the necessary steps to claim or activate your product or service. Your satisfaction and seamless travel experience are our top priorities at TripAdd.