TripAdd API and Product Updates - January 2024

Jan 22, 2024

We hope you are having a wonderful start of the year! 2023 was an important year for TripAdd and we are thrilled to share with you all some very exciting updates!

TripAdd travel ancillary - Alternative Airlines

Partner Feature: Alternative Airlines

We are very excited to present our newest live partner - Alternative Airlines!

Alternative Airlines has integrated the TripAdd bundles in their checkout path, allowing customers to seamlessly add a number of different travel ancillary products, including Flight Alerts, SmartDelay, Weather Updates, and more.

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TripAdd - new dashboard design for managing ancillaries online travel agencies and airlines

TripAdd Dashboard Improvements

May we introduce the enhanced TripAdd dashboard! Now offering a more visually appealing experience featuring photos. 

Moreover, you can now find more information about each product category on the Fully Automated AI and Semi-AI bundle creation pages. Just click “More Information” and scroll down to one of the relevant sections:  

  • Product Coverage

  • Pricing Details

  • Age Categories

  • Search and Booking Requirements

  • Product Delivery Information

  • Additional Filters and Service Information

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TripAdd - new bundle design for travel ancillary products and services

New Bundle Design

We launched a new bundle design that seamlessly integrates photos and provides detailed information in the expandable product description section. You can easily incorporate this new design by using the DetailedListBundle template from the TripAdd react-based UI components library.

See Documentation

New product categories - TripAdd, the travel ancillary marketplace

New Product Categories

Three new categories have been launched in the past few months:  

  • Tours and Activities 

  • Travel VPN 

  • Travel Outfit

Almost four thousand tours and activities are now available on TripAdd. The inventory will be significantly expanded in the following months, bringing even more amazing experiences for your customers at their travel destinations. 

To enjoy the maximum privacy and security while traveling abroad, your customers can now purchase the travel VPN service from an award-winning global VPN provider. 

Travelers to or within the US can now get a complete travel outfit waiting for them at their travel destination. At the end of the trip, simply leave the outfit at the hotel or the nearest FedEx location. 

Also, we expanded the flight compensation category by partnering with a new global vendor. You can now offer the flight compensation products by sending either the PNR, customer’s address, or customer’s IP address and phone number via API.

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API Updates

❗️ Partial Orders 
Added support for partial orders: you can now specify individual products for each passenger. You will need to add that information under "passenger_purchases" in the Create Order request. The previous request format is still supported but deprecated.

Refund Policy 
Each product now returns the "cancellation_policy" (e.g., "FULL_REFUND" or "NO_REFUND") and the "refundable_until" date, specifying the deadline for receiving a full refund.

Partial Cancellations
You can now use the Cancel Order request to cancel individual products. The response will include the "refund_amount" value, helping you determine the precise refund for your customers. 

Terms and Conditions URL 
The Create Bundle Offer response now includes a dynamic link ("terms_url") to the Terms & Conditions page. Display this link next to the bundle or before the payment confirmation on your website. 

Support Portal URL 
We created a new customer support portal to streamline the customer support process. The portal will contain the most frequently asked questions for each product that was purchased. Use the “support_url” from the Create Order response to access it. 

Confirmation Recipients 
Use the "confirmation_recipients" element in the Create Order request to specify the recipients for the order confirmation and cancellation emails. Include your internal team email address if you would like to receive a copy of emails too. 

Updated Pricing Element 
The element now provides the product's net price, price (net price plus markup), fee, and total price (price plus fee). The "total_price" value should be used for displaying products in bundles and creating orders.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.